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30 janvier 2019


The Requirement

Coopérative Agricole du Pays de Loire, based in Brissac-Quincé (49), wanted to modernise its quinoa seed transfer plant.


The Raw Materials

The quinoa seeds are stored in 20-tonne silos.


The Implemented Procedure


In the framework of modernising its process of transferring and bagging quinoa seeds, Coopérative Agricole du Pays de Loire replaced a pneumatic conveyor system with a series of two Transitubes.


Using a hopper equipped with a cleaning device, a first screw supplies a reserve, located 15 meters higher. "The quinoa then falls back down via gravity to a buffer hopper linked, via a second two-metre Transitube, to a specific piece of equipment located upstream of a big-bag bagging station", explains Stanis Guillon, multi silo manager at CAPL.


Without altering the quality of an extremely fragile product, CAPL has managed to increase the rate of transfer of the quinoa seeds by 40%, from the raw materials storage silo to the packaging station. "Our main goal was to increase productivity substantially. The solution recommended by Apia Technologie's teams, which has a very interesting quality/price ratio, has allowed us to meet this challenge. Transitube is perfectly suited for continuously transferring other types of cereals."


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