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Our test laboratory

Food products are living products, and their behaviour in industrial environments may differ from that of a simple sample.


Predicting results via comparisons with other, similar products has its limitations and is no substitute for tests in a real situation.
Each product to be transferred or dosed has its own characteristics: it may be fragile and not like attrition, it may be liable to particle segregation or sensitive to temperature, etc.


You want to check that the solution proposed can deliver what it promises or you may need to arrange a pilot production run of a few tonnes without bringing your production equipment to a standstill or contaminating it.


We provide access to our test laboratory, which offers the kind of equipment and environment that allow you to work with your powder products in highly realistic set-up and operating conditions. You can reproduce, to scale, the main potential configurations for flexible mechanical transfer and then look at the results with us.


You can therefore check out our technology on your own products, and this should help you invest with real confidence

Developing and optimising your installation

Product safety and quality, constantly evolving standards and technologies, and mass production of new products to satisfy your clients' needs – these are the major issues encouraging you to develop your existing process.


Our technology may look pretty simple, but the most sophisticated equipment does not always prove to be the most reliable or economical in the long run.


Besides, you have been using a TRANSITUBE installation for years now. Is it just a case of changing needs?


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Our specialist teams are there to help and can offer you:

  • Certified spare parts
  • Ideas to optimise the performance of your installations
  • Kits to ensure your existing installations comply with standards
  • Training for any new personnel you may have
  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Electronic archives for your equipment (installations after 1992)

Online support

Your production is optimised to meet your clients' expectations – particularly in terms of safety and ensuring delivery deadlines are met.

No equipment failure should prevent you meeting your commitments.

Our online support is there to help you find fast solutions to any malfunction involving your installation.

Our specialist teams are there to help and can offer you:

  • Diagnostics in the event of a failure.
  • A solution to remedy this.
  • An action plan to stop it happening again.